Blog en-us (C)2023 Ric Ceron [email protected] ( Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:32:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:32:00 GMT Blog 120 120 Digital Files Now Available After much thought and consideration I have decided to make small digital files available for sale for a nominal cost of one dollar ($1).


The files are good enough to be viewed and published in personal and social media web sites. It is a better value if we meet in person and payment is made in the form of food. You may pay with items such as: microwaveable easy mac & cheese or pastas, gold fish or snack crackers, small cereal box or cereal bars, fruit cups or apple sauce, peanut butter, 100% juice boxes. Items must be small, individual sized and kid friendly. No items can contain peanuts so please check for expiration dates. I will donate your gift in kind to a local food pantry and in return if the food you provide is greater than $20 dollars, you will be provided a higher resolution image than what I make available for sale. Contact me via e-mail for questions, arrangements or more details.  


Food for thought (no pun intended). According to the USDA, 18.5% of Texas households (or one in five) experience “food insecurity.” An estimated 1.8 million Texas children, or 27.1% (one in four) live in these households. Texas ranks among the top eight states in terms of its food insecurity rate, and second in terms of the number of food insecure households. Food insecurity means that consistent access to adequate food is limited by a lack of money and other resources at times during the year. It is the most widely accepted measure of a household’s risk of hunger. In a food insecure household, family members may make difficult decisions between paying for food or other necessities like rent, utilities or medicine.




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